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The round hole is the "pritchel" hole- used for punching nail holes thru on horsehoes for themost part. The other Peter Wright came from a friend who got it from his dad.His dad had been a working smith who died in 1952 or so, and that Peter Wright anvil came from his dad's shop.Got 3 books from the library – my favorite so far is “Practical Blacksmithing” by MT Richardson.Lots of compiled articles written by working blacksmiths from way back in the day. If you don’t hear from me again it’s cuz I’ve burned my house down…

Although the hefty 100lb anvil reaches an impressive height – Mr Wilkinson claims 200 feet is about the record – it tends to be return to Earth fairly close to where it started.Both are fine anvils with a reasonable ring to them.IMO, one of theother attractions to a Peter wright anvil are the shape and proportions.The "triangular piece" you mention is likely a hardy or cutoff tool that fits in that hole.Other tools for forming such as "swages" (for forming round work) or "fullers" (for necking and grooving or reducing the size of stock), or flatters, bending forks and anything else the smith needed to shape or cut the work were made up to fit into that hardy hole. The older of the two I got in 1964, from a quarry blacksmith's widow, and it was old then. She sold me a mess of tools with the anvil for 25 bucks.

They simply are a good looking anvil, known as a "London Pattern" anvil.

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Www anvil dating introduction

Www anvil dating

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