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The ECM ( Electric Control Modular ) that controls the battery flow is known for failing between 140,000 and 150,000 miles. I cant get help from customer support, so I need the support OF customers.Have them replace the unit and you should get an additional 50,000 to 80,000 miles out of your Prius......... I bought my 2001 Classic from Carmax on March 31st, 2007 and drove it over 500 miles in 3 days.I want to be driving my Prius when Im making loan payments and buying an extended warranty this month. Some values were cleared when disconnecting and connecting the 12V battery.The Carmax 30-day warranty runs out soon, but Toyota seems to be struggling with its responsibility to fix the hybrid system. The charge indicator on the Energy touch screen showed maybe charge. He said the ICE will start once the HV battery is charged, because he has charged several others.Battery SOC 0.0 % WIN -20.0 KW WOUT 0.0 KW Delta SOC 20.0 % IB Main Battery 0.00 A Battery Blck Min Voltage 8.07 V Min Battery Block No 8 # Battery Block Max Voltage 14.06 V Max Battery Block No 19 # Battery Temperature 1 68 F Battery Temperature 2 64.4 F Battery Temperature 3 66.2 F Battery Temperature 4 68 F Battery Inside Air Temp 66.2 F Normal Status Yes Pre Onboard Charge No Onboard Charge Status No Outer Charge Status No Cooling Fan Lo OFF Cooling Fan Mid OFF Cooling Fan Hi OFF VMF Fan Voltage 0.000 V SBL Fan Stop Request OFF Auxiliary Battery Voltage 10.937 V EQTR Charge Start Sig OFF EQCO Front Relay OFF CCTL ON Estimat of Ex Charg Hour 0.0 Hr Battery Blck Voltage 1 13.48 V Battery Blck Voltage 2 12.11 V Battery Blck Voltage 3 10.31 V Battery Blck Voltage 4 9.70 V Battery Blck Voltage 5 9.21 V Battery Blck Voltage 6 8.56 V Battery Blck Voltage 7 8.63 V Battery Blck Voltage 8 8.09 V Battery Blck Voltage 9 9.14 V Battery Blck Voltage 10 8.51 V Battery Blck Voltage 11 8.73 V Battery Blck Voltage 12 10.12 V Battery Blck Voltage 13 10.47 V Battery Blck Voltage 14 10.80 V Battery Blck Voltage 15 11.65 V Battery Blck Voltage 16 12.72 V Battery Blck Voltage 17 12.76 V Battery Blck Voltage 18 13.51 V Battery Blck Voltage 19 14.06 V Inside Resist 1 0.024 ohm Inside Resist 2 0.022 ohm Inside Resist 3 0.022 ohm Inside Resist 4 0.023 ohm Inside Resist 5 0.023 ohm Inside Resist 6 0.022 ohm Inside Resist 7 0.023 ohm Inside Resist 8 0.021 ohm Inside Resist 9 0.022 ohm Inside Resist 10 0.023 ohm Inside Resist 11 0.022 ohm Inside Resist 12 0.024 ohm Inside Resist 13 0.022 ohm Inside Resist 14 0.022 ohm Inside Resist 15 0.022 ohm Inside Resist 16 0.022 ohm Inside Resist 17 0.022 ohm Inside Resist 18 0.021 ohm Inside Resist 19 0.022 ohm Onboard Charge Time 0 times Battery Low Time 0 times BC Inhibit Time 0 times Battery HI Time 0 times IG OFF Hour 0 Hr IG ON Hour 0.04 Hr The Stored DTC Num 0 ECU Code 47030A The mechanic says hes charging the small battery, and Toyota wont let him replace the HV battery without trying the charger.The charger may actually even out the voltage variation after a while.

unless you based out the unit ( Driving without the 4 cly ......... Then I took it to a the largest Toyota dealer in the state, at about 60K miles, for a full checkup, and now its been in their shop for 3 weeks.

He says if the charger doesnt work, they can get a new HV battery overnight. He says hes doing everything he can for me, but still has no theory on what happened to the HV battery.

So far Prius enthusiasts have expressed opinions on both sides - that the dealer really doesnt know how the HV battery died and I should be glad theyre treating me so well, or that they goofed and wont admit it and I should keep investigating. Im not accusing anyone, I just want to involve and inform as many enthusiasts as possible so I wont feel so alone without my Prius.

:( I knew someday we were going to be hit with this cost, but I really had no sense of how much it would be as no one was ever able to tell us.

In fact, we will be the first Prius in our area to have the battery replaced because it actually wore out (as opposed to being warrantied).

Ive talked with 4 levels of the dealers mechanics and managers, and they say the HV battery is basically dead, and theyve been trying to start it every day, but the ICE wont start.

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