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How are you going to get even more money from OT VIIIs, who have topped out on Scientology’s wacky upper level teachings? Someone, somewhere, will look at these photos and think to themselves: “Hey, that looks like a good time! Gawker media site Jezebel wrote this week about Affinity Exchange, a new age-y dating site for singles big on “consciousness” and dolphins.

Promise them superpowers at the lavish new building, which looks like a Kubrick movie set inside a Vegas reproduction of Venice. While writer Anna North was careful to point out that the site used to have a stronger connection to Scientology, her headline maybe promised a bit more than it could deliver — when looked into it, they found plenty of spiritual types, but nobody who appeared to admit to being Scientologists. Have to say, this was something of an upstat for the church.

] Spy operation against Washington Post writer Richard Leiby: [Part 1] | [Part 2][A Scientology spy comes clean: Paulien Lombard’s remarkable public confession][Scientology advertises for writers in Freedom magazine][Accidental leak shows Scientology spy wing plans to “handle” the Voice] SCIENTOLOGY AND CELEBRITIES [“Tom Cruise told me to talk to a bottle”] | [Tom Cruise likes coconut cake] | [Tom Cruise has a sense of humor] | [“Tom Cruise not a kook!

”] | [Paulette Cooper on Tom Cruise][Paul Haggis, director of Crash, issues an ultimatum, leaves the church][Character actor Jason Beghe defects noisily] | [Actor Michael Fairman reveals his “suppressive person” declaration] | [Michael Fairman talks to the Voice][Giovanni Ribisi as David Koresh: Scientology-Branch Davidian link makes sense][Russell Brand weds ex-Scientologists in wild ceremony] | [Skip Press on Haggis][Placido Domingo Jr.: Scientology’s retaliation is “scary and pathetic”] Grant Cardone, Nat Geo’s “Turnaround King”: [Doing Scientology’s dirty work?

When I asked him about it, he said he couldn’t reveal his sources and describe how he learned that the investigation had been stopped. Have to say, if Rathbun is right, this is a big upstat for Scientology.

Since 1995, he’s been writing about Scientology at several publications.In part 1 on Tuesday, Carlson pointed out that Scientologist parents are shelling out ,000 a year for an unaccredited private high school, and that the school is sending many students into the Sea Org.Yesterday, in part 2, Carlson explores the strange world of Hubbard’s “study tech” at the school, where emphasis is put on looking up words in a dictionary — even words like “the.” Thursday’s Stats: Upstat or Downstat?While Carlson includes plenty of quotes from alumni saying that Scientology’s Hogwarts was the best thing that ever happened to them, once again Scientology can’t help coming off creepy and delusional in this piece. Story #2: Where Scientologists Learn How to Fly We were also pleased to see a fun and revealing piece by Daniel Miller (not, we presume, our old friend at THR?), writing for the UK’s Daily Mail, which showed what a spiffy and fun place David Miscavige’s million Super Powers palace is going to be for wealthy, upper-level Scientologists. Story #3: Scientology dating: where hot singles get their Xenu on?

We're not your typical, ordinary dating service either - not the same look-a-like cookie cutter website you've probably seen all over the Internet.

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Scientology dating singles introduction

Scientology dating singles

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