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Consolidating 3 naps to 2

Some things that can help: swaddling, and waiting about 20 minutes after she first drifts off to be sure she’s reached a deeper level of sleep before you try to move her.

There are 3 nap transitions that occur before the age of 2. The 4 – 3 nap transition that occurs around 5 months 2.

Sample schedule of a 3 nap day for a 7 month old: 7 am WU – am nap 1 – pm nap2 – pm Cat nap3 Bedtime asleep A baby at 7 months might have this schedule.

A few months later, all you care about is finding creative ways to get him to nap so you can take a shower or catch a few winks yourself.

Naps can be a treasured break in a parent’s day, but they can also be frustrating, especially when they aren’t happening the way you think they should.

“It’s amazing what a hot topic sleep can be,” says Kellie Walden, baby wellness coordinator at the Early Years Centre in Peterborough, Ont.

“Parents often have a preconceived idea of how a baby should sleep.

But babies are very individual in how much they sleep, when they sleep, how they fall asleep.” During the first six weeks, there really isn’t such a thing as a nap.

This article talks about the 3 -2 nap transition as this is the transition that I find most parents need a little nudge to achieve.

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Lschneider1322 Hmm ds takes 2 naps a day that are 3 hours apart; each is an hr and a half longl It took sleep training to get from a few short naps to that though. 
11-Nov-2018 19:07
Cameron Clark C+K Studio said. Hi Lauren I would probably try waking Ava up after 45 minutes of her morning nap then try to get her down 2.5-3 hours later for an afternoon nap. 
11-Nov-2018 19:11
It varies. But most have 3 naps from 3-6 mos. and 2 naps from 6-12+ mos. My "good sleeper" started consolidating naps around 3.5-4 months. 
11-Nov-2018 19:15
Your Baby’s Short Naps Explained. babies need to eat every 2-3 hours. Some of this nap consolidation is dependent on your baby’s unique growth and. 
11-Nov-2018 19:20
When your baby's 6 to 8 weeks old, she's likely to start consolidating her sleep. How to start scheduling your baby's naps. When your baby's 3 to 4 months old. 
11-Nov-2018 19:23
When babies are nearing a nap transition whether it be 4-3, 3-2, or 2-1. daysleep begins to consolidate and a pattern of longer naps usually emerges. 
11-Nov-2018 19:29

Consolidating 3 naps to 2 introduction

Consolidating 3 naps to 2

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