Calibrated vs uncalibrated carbon dating

I suppose it would not be that much trouble to program the waypoints I use most often. On the theory that air directed along the bottom inner surface of the cowling by the splitters I installed in the inlet might be sticking to the surface for Coanda-like reasons and not getting into the oil cooler inlet duct, I installed an aluminum deflector on the floor of the plenum in such a way that it would steer this putative river of cold air into the duct.The first time I tested it in flight I got the impression that it had had a remarkable effect; but as time went on the effect appeared to vanish.Moving at a more than usually glacial pace, I mocked up the intercooler placement, using wood wedges in lieu of the eventual "tanks".I don't like the arrangement, now that I've seen it, and am going to try a different one, with the large face of the core horizontal rather than vertical.Here's another plot of the same data, this time temperature rise versus net boost pressure above (or below) ambient.

Plus, although I feel I am getting closer to the correct solution, I am still uncertain about some details of the intercooler plumbing.

(The airplane was extremely light, however.) The only problem was heating; the CHTs rose rapidly because of the low airspeed.

The proper technique for a go-around would be to maintain level flight initially while cleaning up and accelerating.

The inlet path for cooling air is less obstructed, and the paths for the charge air both into the cooler and from the cooler to the throttle body (identifiable as an orange sleeve in the photo) are better aligned.

But I am still waffling about the whole idea, in part because of the weight of the intercooler itself -- around six pounds. Someone cautioned me against sawing off one end of it, but I don't know what difference it would make if I did so and just bonded a new end plate to it with a mess of JB Weld.

Now that I have replaced its internal battery, it remembers that it is supposed to be producing NMEA output for the autopilot coupler.

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Calibrated vs uncalibrated carbon dating introduction

Calibrated vs uncalibrated carbon dating

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